Encore Film is an independent production and service company specializing in commercials for the web and TV.
We also produce corporate videos and music videos, as well as photo shoots.
Over the past years we have received numerous awards in Norway and abroad, including some Lions.
Being fluent in French and English is an advantage for our foreign friends coming to Norway shooting all sorts of films or stills.
You can see some of them here: Production Service in Norway
To have a look at what Norway can offer: Visit Norway

Encore Film cooperates with Comrade Film in Iceland for a complete Nordic production service.
Visit Comrade Film

en·core (an kôr , -kor) n.
1. A demand by an audience for an additional performance, usually expressed by applause.
2. An additional performance in response to the demand of an audience.
tr.v. en·cored, en·cor·ing, en·cores
To demand an encore of.
Used to demand an additional performance.
[French, still, yet, again, probably from Vulgar Latin *hinc ad horam, from that to this hour : Latin hinc, from here (from hic, this) + Latin ad, to; see ad- + Latin horam, accusative of hora, hour; see hour.]

Ole Fladagers gate 10 b
0353 Oslo, Norway
Email: mail@encore.no
Telephone:(+47) 900 35 220

Email: rolf@encore.no
Telelephone: (+47) 982 50 430

Production Manager
Email: morten@encore.no
Telelephone: (+47) 911 34 314